President of Ain Shams University honors a number of heroes of the glorious October war

In conjunction with the celebration of the glorious October victories, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini, President of the University and Prof. Dr. Abdel Fattah Saud, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, honored a number of heroes of the October War during the symposium "Talking Tournaments" within the activities of the reception of new and old students for the new academic year, which is organized by the University Students Union from September 21 to October 8.

The symposium was hosted by Major General Mohamed Zaki El Alfy, Major General Nasr Salem, Major General Ali Hefzi, former Assistant Minister of Defense and former Governor of North Sinai, Prof. Dr. Ashraf Mounis Director of the Center for Middle East Studies and Research and moderated the media seminar Khaled Saad in the presence of Prof. Dr. Rukaya Shalabi, Dean of the Faculty of Girls and Colonel Hamdi Abdullah Director of Military Education and a group of university professors and Mr. Mohammed Khatib, Assistant Secretary of the University for Education and Student Affairs and Mr. Tarek Ahmed Director General of Youth Welfare.

Major General Nasr Salem spoke about his mission during the period of the October War, reconnaissance of enemy lines, where he stayed in the enemy territory 180 days starting on October 6, 1973 and he and two soldiers carried equipment and supplies enough for ten days at most during which they walked a distance of 55 kilometers 11 hours of continuous night prayers on the morning of October 7 to turn the enemy lines and inform the command of information about an Israeli tank brigade, which enabled the Egyptian army to destroy it.

The mission lasted 180 days behind enemy lines. He elaborated on the details of the mission in a book with this name. He also pointed out during the meeting the most dangerous situation he faced on the day of return, they had to walk on a steep cliff 700 meters ending in the camp of Israel,

He and his colleagues realized the martyrdom, but he led his battalion and soldiers who joined his battalion during the operation steadily and managed to hide in the dark until the whole battalion returned safely.

Major General Mohamed Zaki Al-Alfy also reviewed some of the Egyptian army tournaments, which confirmed that the Egyptian army is working in concert. Three of the battalion's leaders were martyred and the battalion continued to carry out its mission without fail or breach and captured 114 Israeli prisoners.

He pointed to the heroics of a number of martyrs, which confirms the superiority of the Egyptian soldier, including the martyr Mohy Eldeen Ahmed Ragab, the first martyr in the October war, the martyr Ahmed Adel, who installed mortars in the trenches of the enemy and the martyr Khudairi, who besieged two fortified points of the Israeli army and protected the Egyptian army from heavy losses. He reviewed part of the battle of the Chinese island and the championship of Major General Baki Yusuf, the owner of the idea of using water pumps to break the Bar Lev Line.

He stressed that the Egyptian youth is a great youth when given the opportunity to distinguish and innovate and give dazzling the world, stressing that it is part of the genes of Egyptian youth, which always gives hope for a better tomorrow.

He pointed out the importance of intergenerational communication to draw wisdom and experience from the older generation and the younger generation and the victory of October as a successful model for the continuation of generations, the plan was developed by the older generation and implemented by young soldiers and fighters.

He pointed to the superiority of the Israeli army technical and the development of its weapons and equipment than the Egyptian army, but nevertheless the Egyptian army was able when invested Egyptian intelligence to turn the impossible to the possible and exploit all the possibilities available to break the barrier line Manif and crossing the channel and recover the land.

Prof. Dr. Ashraf Mounis mentioned how history dealt with the victory of October and the strategy of the October war, which has been studied so far, the most important strategic deception and cohesion of the army with the people for years.

At the end of the meeting, the guests answered a number of questions from the students, which dealt with how to raise the morale of the Egyptian soldiers after the defeat of 67. This was through the war of attrition, which included 444 successful military operations that moved the barrier of fear from the West Bank to the East Bank and using the Nubian dialect to encrypt some communications.

At the end of the symposium, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini, presented the university shield of the three heroes in appreciation of them and also gave the university shield to the mediaman Khaled Saad in recognition of him.

  • Sep 26, 2019