Ain Shams University holds a coordination meeting for the competition of the best university in the Egyptian universities

The first coordination meeting for the competition of the best university comes through the participation of the university in the competition form, where they reviewed the guiding criteria and completed criteria and study the possibility of issuing a general booklet about the university and how to prepare it and determine the role of each sector with regard to them and the role of colleges and review the schedule of visit. This was stated by Mr. Samir Othman, Secretary General of the University.

He said the upcoming visit of the evaluation committee to the competition is scheduled for Oct. 15.


The competition is organized according to several criteria, including the readiness of the terraces, laboratories, workshops and laboratories, and the availability of equipment, materials and materials required for its good performance and university libraries, whether central or college libraries, and the absorption of students and provide the latest references in various disciplines and communication between students and faculty. Contribute effectively to the formation of students' personalities and provide them with faculty care. The criteria of the competition also include the university cities and their capabilities and equipment and nutrition provided in them and provide a suitable atmosphere for students, student care and various student activities, whether at the level of each college or at the level of universities and medical care provided and the extent of student satisfaction. In addition to the standards of aesthetic appearance and the overall shape of the university buildings and the campus and the proportion of the presence of green spaces in the campus and taking into account the environmental dimension and the suitability of buildings to perform their function inside the Campus.

  • Oct 10, 2019