June 14, Registration for summer training is open at the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences

For the third year in a row, the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences at Ain Shams University offers summer training opportunities for third-year students in major local and international companies working in the field of information technology. Prof. Dr. Nagwa Badr, dean of the faculty, said so.

She added that the Faculty is keen to provide summer training opportunities for its students in cooperation with 16 leading companies in the field. This will contribute to linking the students to the labor market and will increase their practical experience to complement the academic study.

It is scheduled to be open at 10 am on Friday, 14 June, and the training will take place from 22 June to 4 July.

This is in addition to internship, which is provided by 5 major companies during the months of July and August in coordination with the faculty administration under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Nagwa Badr, Dean of the Faculty and Dr. Yasmine Afifi Director of the Graduates Unit and Dr. Mervat Al-Qot, Department of Computer Systems Department.

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  • From 2019-06-14 to 2019-06-22