July 27 …The 15th Comprehensive Medical Convoy of Ain Shams University

The Faculty of Pharmacy, Ain Shams University, organizes the 15th comprehensive medical convoy under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahab Ezzat, President of the University and supervision of Dr. Maha Farouk Abdel Ghani, Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Amani Osama, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development.

The convoy includes the areas of Bulaq Abu Ela, Imam Shatby and the primary school of peace in Cairo, and during the period from the twenty-seventh of this month and for four days,

Including the establishment of a comprehensive medical survey and survey, the establishment of specialized laboratories to conduct the necessary medical analysis, a specialized pharmacy to carry out the necessary treatment and medical guidance, as well as health and environmental awareness, as well as a campaign to eradicate illiteracy, free of charge throughout the convoy.

  • From 2019-07-27 to 2019-07-27