14 September ... International Conference "Special Education between Reality and Hope" at the Faculty of Girls

Faculty of Girls organizes the second international conference of the Center for Studies, Research and Integrated Services entitled "Special Education between Reality and Hope" in cooperation with Port Said Foundation. This will take place on September 14 at the Cultural Center in Port Said

Prof. Dr. Rukaya Shalaby pointed out that the conference aims to shed light on the role of educational institutions, especially universities, as well as health and social institutions and civil society institutions in the follow-up of the latest developments and trends in special education, and follow-up issues and developments in the field of special education in relation to programs and curricula associated with this area, as well as encouraging the use of means and appropriate aids that enable people with special educational needs of different groups to develop their abilities and potentials commensurate with their preparations.

Prof. Dr. Mai Helmy added that the themes of the conference revolve around educational strategies and modern technological means in special education and the standards of curricula for people with special needs in different stages of education, school administration and special needs education and rehabilitation of workers in the field of education and education of children with special needs in light of modern global trends.

Prof. Dr. Hayam Saber Shaheen noted that the conference discusses and reviews strategies to prepare individual plans that fit with the capabilities and capabilities of each child and the preparation of therapeutic and rehabilitation programs, and early intervention programs.

  • From 2019-09-14 to 2019-09-14