Ain Shams University is preparing to hold the eighth session of its scientific conference in early April

Prof. Dr. Abdel Nasser Sengab Vice-President of Ain Shams University for Graduate Studies and Research held an expanded preparatory meeting; in the framework of the University's plan headed by Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahab Ezzat to prepare for the eighth scientific conference of the University and scheduled to be held in early April 2019.

The meeting was attended by Prof. Dr. Tarek Mansour, Vice Dean of Faculty of Arts for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof. Dr. Heba Shaheen Head of Media Department, Faculty of Arts and Director of the Media Center of the University and Prof. Dr. Maged Ghunaim, Director of Innovation Center, Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Dr. Shireen Mazloum Professor at the Faculty of Arts and Prof. Dr. Nadia Hamdy Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Where Prof. Dr. Abdel Nasser Sengab, confirmed that the conference entitled "Innovation, Creativity and Industry", referring to the hosting of Saudi Arabia to be a guest of the Conference in its forthcoming session.

He added that the conference will continue for four days and will be attended by a number of influential figures in the field of industry and innovation in Egypt and the world.

  • Dec 2, 2018